Saturday, October 7, 2017

12th legion Angry Boiz

While working on the noble lads of the azure 13th, I was also expanding the footprint of their temperamental cousins in the 12th. At this point this is my longest standing project and despite a few doubts, where I may have considered selling them off, I am glad I have stuck with it. The force now is very much fieldable and I have intentions to expand it considerably further.

First of all I filled out the butcher cohort to the maximum ten, meaning that the Spartan is now at capacity with maximum lethal crunchiness.

This is by far my favorite of the bunch - a heavily converted Abbadon model as alpha bezerker:

I had originally intended for my despoilers to all be airborne, but then I was made award of the special character that permits all footslogging basic legionaries to get additional strength and attacks, so it was back to the drawing board organizationally - the new intent is to have three 10 man squads of chainsawing goodness!

Anddd replacing them in their jetty goodness are the rampagers, who now get to deliver their various gladiatorial accouterments vertically.

Finally, I needed a proper praetor for this force. However, I wanted him to not simply be the standard normal sized leader, but a real megabeast roid-monkey type who you would expect to be at the head of a World Eater force. For this task I heavily (and I do mean heavily) converted the 40k Kharne model, who is quite the large bloke. There was a huge amount of work making him presentable and getting rid of all his daemonic aesthtics, but I think in the end, I managed it.

Finally, for a bit of a taste of what is in store....


  1. Fantastic work! I really love the Kharn conversion - if you hadn't of said what the base model was, I wouldn't have guessed. I always find it a bit amusing that the most blood thirsty chapter wear white armour - the chapter serfs must have a hell of job getting the blood stains off.
    Really looking forward to seeing what you do with the Death Guard.

  2. That is a lot of bad-ass World Eaters! Looking mean & very well-painted. I'm also very impressed by the Nurgle figure - it has a wide variety of colours, but you've really 'gelled' them together in a consistent appearance. Personally I would struggle with something that complex on a single miniature.